Rebekka Redd is an accomplished global fly angler, photographer, adventurer, published writer, speaker, conservationist and TV show host.   

Along with her work in  television, she has garnered a worldwide following through her photography and writing. 

Her writing is published both locally and worldwide, and has been featured on numerous front covers of Canadian Outdoors and fly fishing magazines. 

Rebekka travels around the globe filming, fly fishing, and hosting trips with a strong focus on inspiring others. 

Visual storytelling is the core of her photography, writing, and work. From local streams to remote jungle waterways, Rebekka has been there with both fly rod and camera, and she loves to share the knowledge and experience she gains along the way. 

Growing up on a horse farm with two older brothers and her parents, she learned to value what matters most. Family is of utmost importance to Rebekka, and her love of fishing began at age 7 as a way to bond with her two brothers while fishing for walleye in their local waters. 

Her eldest brother, who was her mentor, hero and fishing partner, died tragically when she was a teenager. During that time she took up fly fishing on her own, and over the years fly fishing and being outdoors has helped heal her heart. Today, Rebekka fishes in memory of her beloved brother and spends as much time as she can with her family. 

In addition to fly fishing, Rebekka is passionate about helping people, animals, the environment and our precious fisheries. She has always had a deep respect for the natural world. 

Rebekka owns & operates a non-profit horse rescue, is an active member of her local steelhead association, Trout Unlimited & more. 

She is an fly fishing Advisor for Thomas and Thomas fly rods, a founding ambassador for project healing waters, a founding member with Abel Women Fly Fishing team, an active A-Team member with Alumacraft boats, sponsored by Abel Reels,   

and an ambassador for the American Museum of Fly Fishing . She is also CEO and founder of North Shore Women’s Fly Fishing Association. 

She dedicates time from her schedule to mentor aspiring young anglers at outdoor trade shows & community involvement programs teaching fly fishing/ casting, catch and release, and conservation practices; very much like her brother did before he passed.

When she has time away from fishing, she works professionally in film. Her past experience includes working as DOP creating Country Music Television videos, and working on CBC’s #1 family drama, HeartLand. Rebekka has a black belt in TKD & education in Exercise physiology.

With out a doubt, Rebekka’s sense of humour, humility, great outlook on life, strong faith, her winding life path and tireless passion for film, photography, fly fishing, family and the outdoors continue to shape her success.