Andrea graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology and throughout college drawing incorporated itself into so many aspects of her life. When she saw something that inspired her she’d start to see things the way she’d draw or paint them.

Fishing took a back seat to her education, but after graduating from college she moved back to her hometown of Indiana, PA and started fishing again. She met the love of her life and he purchased her first fly rod 6 years ago. Needless to say she fell in love with fishing all over again. Andrea felt closer to the water and found a sense of peace and tranquility from being on a stream that she much needed. They started spending their free time tying flies and scouting the streams for trout.

Andrea Larko

Andrea started sketching one night with a fish outline (as she always had done) while she was thinking, she started to doodle. She ended up with a doodle fish and she thought it looked interesting. Andrea tried to play off the surfaces of the fish, what would be flat she put straight lines and where she wanted dimension she added more detail and curves. The fish were so much fun to create. Andrea is so thankful that people have enjoyed these whimsical illustrations as much as she enjoys creating them. Andrea never dreamt she could be so lucky to live out my dreams of being an artist.