Thank you for your interest in the Able Women Ambassador Team! We’d like to learn about your relationship with fly fishing and — in particular– the role it’s played in your life. To help us better understand these things, please answer the questions below. Once we receive your application, we’ll review it and follow up within two weeks of its receipt. Again, our sincere thanks for your interest.


Members of the Able Women Ambassador Team serve as unpaid public endorsers of the Able Women Foundation by spreading the word of the physical and emotional benefits that fly fishing brings to its participants. Ambassadors are involved in the following activities:

  • Making occasional appearances at various events across the country, including community service events, education events, and trade-shows.
  • Speaking before various audiences about their relationship with fly fishing and describing the role its played in their life.
  • Representing the many positive benefits of fly fishing in their individual activities and via their own personal social media feeds by using the hashtag #ablewomenflyfish.

Finally, while the Able Women Foundation, Inc. by no means enforces a strict “code of conduct,” Ambassadors are required to sign a publicity contract as representatives of the Foundation and its sponsors. In particular, Ambassadors are responsible for acting as spokeswomen for how fly fishing can influence a healthy life. Ambassadors are, in effect, role models of healthy living. We ask you to be conscious of this in filling out your application.

Please answer the following questions:


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In what region of the country/world do you reside?

If different from the region in which you reside, what region(s) of the country/world do you primarily fish?

Tell us how you got started fly fishing.

Describe the role fly fishing has played in your life? For some women, fly fishing is a simple source of joy and contentment. For others, it's been a lifesaver. We're interested in both ends of that spectrum -- and everything in between!

What is your occupation?

Would you consider yourself a Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced or Expert fly fisherwoman? (Please note: Ambassadors of Able Women is not predicated on your level of skill in fly fishing! Ultimately, your relationship with the sport and the role it's played in your life matters more to us than how advanced your skills are.)

Is there a particular moment or event you can describe to us that captures the essence of your story and helped define your relationship with fly fishing?

Can you offer any suggestions or ideas for Able Women?