Old-world charm, hip style and wide-open spaces are just a metro ride away from the hustle and bustle of Washington, D.C., and an easy road trip that leads to a surprising wealth of experiences. All you need is a little guidance to discover the satisfaction of time well spent in Virginia’s Cultural Region, made up of five destinations with unique stories to tell.


The cobblestone streets of Alexandria are home to acclaimed dining, shopping and a waterfront arts district. The city of Arlington promises a heart-swelling look at honor and sacrifice. In Fairfax County, music rings out and an American legacy is yours to explore. The hills of Loudoun County are so rich and fertile that wine, horses and you all thrive in equal measure. The fields of Prince William & Manassas share tales of passion, glory and heartbreaking conflict. As an interconnected region, you can trace a path through it all, creating a getaway loaded with experiences both new and known.


While the rest of the world scrambles to live out its hectic day, you’ll be easing into the groove of picturesque vineyards, boutique shopping and culinary indulgence that lives up to the spectacular setting. This is where you can take your time with history; linger long enough to feel the impact of what went on in these halls and on these battlefields. Then make your way back to the present, more ready than ever to appreciate the celebration of diversity that is Virginia’s Cultural Region – every satisfying moment that’s right within your reach.


When it comes to a place this rich and full of pleasures, seeing is believing. Take a look at this video to see for yourself.